Restorations for Fire and Smoke

If your property has been devastated by a fire, contact our technicians for fire and smoke restoration services. In Courtice, ON, Restoration 1 is a top-notch fire and smoke damage remediation firm with efficient service. Our contractors are highly trained and fully-equipped to handle any size renovation project. We are a 24/7 operation for emergency fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration. Don’t wait to get in touch.

It’s our goal to get you the prompt service you require in Courtice, ON. You can trust our contractors to deliver methodical and efficient work that aligns with our high-quality standards. Until your residence is safe to occupy again, our work is not complete. With our approach, you won’t find another fire and smoke damage restoration service like this anywhere else.

Emergency Inspections and Restoration Services

Gauging the damages after a fire is an important step in the process. Then our fire damage specialists can identify the degree of the havoc and decide what needs to be done.

Debris Removal and Structural Stabilization

Restoration 1 handles debris removal with relentless attention to detail to eliminate continuing damage. We will subsequently stabilize the underlying structure of your home. We try to salvage as many of your personal possessions as possible.

Sanitation and Reconstruction Initiative

Lastly, we carry out our renovation, so your home looks like new. Our technicians will even sanitize the area to ensure we eliminate any toxins that are lingering. These steps are crucial to restoring the integrity and comfort of your home.

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Trust the Specialists

Our fire damage services for Courtice, ON, ensure your residence is safe to live in again. Restoration 1 offers a comprehensive service to eradicate the havoc and debris as a result of the fire. Additionally, our expert team will handle the smoke damage. In the event there is a fire, the smoke damage your home sustains is detrimental to your health if left untreated. The dangerous elements involve soot which can get embedded in soft-goods, wood, and drywall. Eliminating soot will alleviate respiratory ailments, bad skin conditions and irritation to the eyes.

Upon arrival to your property, our fire damage restoration specialists will asses the amount of the damages. They then start by clearing up the damages and removing the residue which is problematic to your health. After the damages and wreckage are removed, our technicians will sanitize the area and start renovating your residence. You can depend on the crew of insured and trained fire damage technicians with Restoration 1. We use industrial-grade equipment and thoroughly proven methods for eradicating smoke and fire damage to your home. If your property has caught fire, it’s essential that you contact Restoration 1 now. With our prompt services, our technicians can fix the problem swiftly and eliminate further damages happening to your home.

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