Mould Removal & Remediation for Courtice, ON

Because of the invasive and damaging effects of mould, it should only be taken care of by a professional. Restoration 1 is here to tackle any mould issues you are having. Our specialty lies in mould mitigation and remediation services and restoring damages. We have the knowledge necessary to pinpoint, inspect and figure out the kind of mould you have. Our state-of-the-art mould removal equipment allow us to mitigate and eliminate the spores. And our knowledge and skill mean that we will successfully fix your mould damaged spaces. Restoration 1 always takes the condition and security of your home in earnest. Therefore, if you know you have mould or only believe it, reach out to our staff and we will help.

Typical to flourishing in dark spaces where there is no airflow, mould can exist in your residence long before you know it is there. Mould damage will compound and this makes the removal, mitigation and restoration process even more vital. Events like flooding, storms, broken pipes and plumbing issues can instigate mould growth. Anytime there is water damage on your property and it isn’t taken care of immediately, mould can flourish.


Pinpointing where the mould is based is the first step for correct servicing.


Knowing the type of species you have in your home gives us a good idea of how to remove the issue.


Eliminating the mould and properly cleaning the space will make your home safe.


Fixing damages and renovating the space will bring your home back to its original condition.

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Professional Mould Specialists with Restoration 1 – Make Your Property Secure

If you suspect mould development in your home, don’t hesitate. If neglected, mould could expand throughout your property and cause serious issues. As Courtice, ON‘s, premier restoration company, we specialize in mould abatement. With years of experience, you can count on Restoration 1 for our outstanding mould removal services in the Courtice, ON, area.

We specialize in property damages such as mould growth. Even though mould can be highly unhealthy, it can be difficult to diagnose because many of the symptoms of mould exposure mimic those of the common cold or flu. Exposure to mould includes symptoms such as respiratory problems, allergic reactions, fungal infections, mycotoxin toxicity, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and other dangerous health conditions. These are notably dangerous to sensitive people like seniors, children and anyone with respiratory or pulmonary issues. The licensed contractors from Restoration 1 can completely eradicate the contaminated areas of your residence and fix the damaged space.

Restoration 1 is available to help properties extract mould from the premises in the Courtice, ON, area. Our dependable mould specialists are trained and qualified to eradicate even the most resilient, toxic strains found in the area. We conduct our services precisely to dispose of all mould while following provincial regulations.

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